Introduction & Experience

Executive Summary

A results-driven leader with hands on & executive experience in businesses ranging from media companies & start-ups, to publicly traded corporations & financial institutions. Rising through the many levels of IT, in diverse job environments, cultivated a honed business acumen & ability to consistently deliver innovative solutions. A panoptic consideration of the impact & efficacy of IT solutions to business operations & bottom line was fostered from experience functioning across such a wide breadth of industries. Proven leadership skills illustrated by a strong track record of successful project management, positive multi-level interactions, team building, recruiting/retention of talent, efficient delegation, pragmatic problem solving, discerning decision-making, strategic creativity, & an ongoing commitment to excellence. Some key strengths & skills include:

  • IT Strategy & Business Focused Solutions
  • Staff & Team Management, Recruiting, & Development
  • Enterprise Technology Architecture & Integration
  • System-Wide Monitoring & Performance Analysis
  • Establishing & Deploying BCM / DR Solutions
  • Establishing Lab Environments & Development Workflows
  • Security & Risk Management
  • Budgeting & Cost Control
  • Corporate IT Acceptable Use & Security Policies
  • Experience w/ IT Compliance: SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS

Extensive knowledge of IT gained from over 10 years of experience. Strong communication skills & a deep technological understanding allow for seamless translation & comprehensible explanation of technical vision & goals. Diligent in providing proactive & customer-centric service, with staff & clients alike, through effective communication & utilization of IT/BI systems designed to intuitively define/address issues & needs. Years of operating with & managing a variety of talents & personalities cultivated an astute ability for identifying aptitude & highlighting team member strengths to inspire, motivate, & drive success.

Professional Experience

EnRevo Corp
Chief Information Security OfficerJanuary 2011 - Present
New York, NY

Architected & planned company infrastructure around a modular, IaaS model. Leveraged cloud technologies with minimal onsite infrastructure to create an automated, scalable, robust & secure hybrid cloud infrastructure that kept cost & budget controlled, while offering key functionality for a growing mobile workforce. Adeptly balanced use of best practice solutions with best of breed new technologies, to enable features typically requiring large & expensive infrastructure. Successfully managed teams of developers to design & deploy corporate websites focused on conversion through engagement, utilization of social media & traffic driven by organic SEO & Social Media. Along with other key executives, managed & directed marketing to establish brand identity & business uniformity amongst the parent company & subsidiaries. Worked directly with CEO & executive team to form long-term strategy, foster business focused solutions, generate acceptable use/security policies, & establish corporate culture.

  • Responsible for the entire organization & subsidiary companies’ IT vision, goals, infrastructure planning/architecting, integration, budgeting, purchasing, solution selection/vetting, recruitment & training, forecasting, security, & BCM
  • Architected & Deployed a Hybrid Cloud Exchange 2013 <-> Office365 Unified Messaging solution to institute multiple system redundancy on transport, mailbox, & client access layers; thereby establishing 99.999% uptime for critical corporate communications systems
  • Designed & implemented granular monitoring that measured performance & uptime for critical systems/services
  • Instituted a comprehensive MDM solution for all laptops & mobile devices, including BYOD scenarios, that managed WiFi, VPN, Application Proxy, Application security/deployment/backup options, device security & that tracked all portable hardware connected to corporate assets, thereby allowing methods to quickly identify & stop any unauthorized attempts to access corporate data through lost, stolen, or compromised equipment
  • Successfully identified & defended against both targeted & automated scans/attacks against corporate systems
  • Deployed “honeypot” VMs & IDS firewalls/software to provide insight into attacks & function as an early warning system
  • Established security & management policies utilizing the ITIL/ITSM frameworks
  • Evaluated and selected partners for CRM+ERP solution based on business requirements
  • Instituted a fully manageable Enterprise Cloud file sync & sharing solution for mobile users, integrated with SSO+2 form auth & transport+file encryption
  • Created corporate extranet that allowed employees to access company information/tools, enter or manage helpdesk tickets & provided a device enrollment workflow for our MDM solution
  • Established & managed vendor selection & relationships

Privately Owned Investment Firm
Director of ITJanuary 2010 – January 2012
NYC, Europe & the Carribean

Drove IT & innovation for this private international investment firm. Accomplishments include assessing & re-architecting an IT infrastructure that spanned Europe, the Caribbean & the US, organizing & centralizing years of mismanaged data & investment documentation that spanned multiple servers & hosting providers, while simultaneously reducing IT cost & overhead. Solved major underlying issues through extensive discovery, data mining/analysis, strategy & innovation within 6 months of starting with the firm, despite the added challenge that all assets/documents were in a foreign language. Planned, engineered, & managed a team of developers to create solutions to organize, secure, & serve over 800 gigabytes of customer documentation through a customized, secure web portal; all while working within the confines of a tight deadline & budget. Architected & executed an infrastructure consolidation plan, secured several compromised resources, & implemented ongoing security & IT policies.

  • Recruited for this position due to demonstrated successes at one of the company’s architectural subsidiaries
  • Reduced company IT overhead by over 80% by migrating data, consolidating infrastructure assets to a centralized solution utilizing SaaS/Cloud based solutions & retiring antiquated servers/services
  • Launched an extensive discovery & data mining effort to understand the issues the firm faced with their mismanaged data using customized tools, scripting, & advanced data analysis techniques
  • Pioneered innovative methods to acquiesce data from TBs of files, databases, & email strewn across multiple continents, servers & hosting providers
  • Developed innovative backend workflow to clean, validate, & identify/fill in holes in customer data.
  • Migrated & consolidated over 30 different domain POP servers to a unified Exchange Server
  • Consolidated storage from many servers/locations to a single DFS storage group replicated between locations.
  • Architected & implemented a distributed backup & BCM/DR plan
  • Provided a high level of collaboration, previously unknown to the firm, by introducing & training employees to utilize the newly implemented tools, which reduced response time, streamlined business process, & increased the firm’s net earnings while reducing staff & IT costs

Ramp Up Technology
Senior Systems Integration EngineerFebruary 2007 – December 2010
New York, NY

Instrumental in the growth & success of this NYC based IT consulting firm. Initially recruited as an engineer & quickly promoted due to exemplary performance by consistently providing innovative solutions. Increased sales revenue & client retention by introducing a customer-centric style of support by anticipating client’s needs & presenting them with solutions prior to incidents. Initiated systems & platforms to better serve customer’s IT needs: such as proactive monitoring of desktops & servers, knowledgebase articles for common issues, an incident tracking system, & remote support tools. Managed full cycle sales to project execution: which included customer acquisition, discovery, proposals, purchasing & project management. Proposed innovative solutions that ultimately shaped the firm’s service & support offerings. Developed, maintained & extended vendor relationships through actively engaging vendors, requesting demos & attending trade shows. Allowed the firm to gain access to new opportunities & clients, that were previously unattainable, by advertising my unique skillset. Played a pivotal role in taking the firm from the SMB market to the Enterprise. Instrumental in recruiting & retaining talent through positive reinforcement management, motivational challenges, reward based training, & extracurricular team building activities.

  • Played a critical role in gaining access to consulting & project work for several Fortune 500 & multi-national clients
  • Designed, developed & maintained critical systems for well over 30 businesses throughout the Greater NYC area
  • Lead technician, directly responsible/accountable for as many as 15 clients at a time
  • Functioned as a trusted advisor or virtual CTO/CIO for many SMB & enterprise clients
  • Instrumental in the introduction & evolution of virtualization solutions & consolidated storage offerings: SAN/DAS/NAS
  • Key contributor to the evolution of networking solution offerings from SMB/SOHO vendors to more robust enterprise level networking equipment
  • Designed & deployed cost effective DR solutions for SMBs as well as tiered backup systems
  • Developed a comprehensive monitoring network which enabled monitoring of critical services, reduced response time & allowed for early intervention
  • Responsible for selecting, demoing, & testing hardware & software solutions applicable to clients
  • Spotted economic trends in markets & adjusted services to take advantage of the needs of capital strapped businesses
  • Championed & Implemented white glove hosting for SMBs allowing them access to enterprise level services & ensuring a steady revenue stream
  • Implemented & mass-deployed a branded remote support application to client desktops that connected customers to support technicians instantly; which not only improved client response time, overall customer satisfaction, & brand recognition, but dramatically increased support revenue
  • Operated as lead technician in the disaster response team. Consistently demonstrated an innate ability to quickly assess conditions, understand complex environments, decide/deliberate on best course of action, & successfully execute intricate recovery plans while operating above expectations in stressful & critical situations. Responsible for recovering more than 10 clients’ critical systems/infrastructure, saving the entire business in some instances
  • Notable Clients include: Currenex (State Street), Interbrand, Jakks Pacific, Sotheby’s, Cushman Wakefield, CBRE, Tamares Group, Grant’s Financial Publishing (Jim Grant), Paul Volcker’s Office (Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve), Healthination, & Costas Kondylis & Partners LLP Architects

Center for Advanced Biotechnology & Medicine
Unit Computing SpecialistSeptember 2002 – March 2006
Piscataway, NJ | Rutgers University

A joint effort between Rutgers University & UMDNJ, CABM is home to 14+ laboratories actively conducting cutting edge biological research within its 100,000 square foot facility. Supported the entire building’s network infrastructure as well as the IT needs of the labs along with the Systems/Network Administrator

  • Originally hired as a part time employee but after one year of exemplary performance, a fulltime position was created
  • Responsible for supporting a building of 200 networked PCs/Macs/Linux machines & 300 users
  • Utilized Unix/Linux skills to compile complex software used by researchers in labs to analyze data
  • Developed workflows to quickly reimage & repair laboratory PCs, dramatically reducing downtime so scientists could continue research unencumbered
  • Demonstrated ability to quickly learn & adapt to support new scientific analysis software on a steady basis
  • Pivotal in the creation of a central backup & authentication system which increased security, created accountability, & preserved critical research data
  • Assisted in the planning of a POTS to VOIP upgrade, which would effectively save the organization over $170k a year
  • Supported & configured Tandberg video conferencing equipment, projectors, audio systems & multimedia devices for presentations

IT ConsultantApril 2003 – August 2004
Greater New York Area

  • Performed onsite tech support & data recovery for contracted businesses
  • 100% Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Gold Level Consultant

Rutgers Computing Services
Helpdesk SupportMarch 2001–September 2002
New Brunswick & Piscataway, NJ

  • Provided support at computer labs across 5 campuses
  • Worked closely w/ students & professors
  • Supported most popular OSes
  • Supported a library of software

Skills & Qualifications
Business Leadership
Leadership & Foresight
Business Intelligence / BI
Business Continuity Management / BCM
Forecasting & Roadmapping
Technology Analysis & Vendor Selection
Strategic Planning
Enterprise Resource Planning / ERP
Mac OS X Server
Open Directory: AD Integration, Portable Home Directories, OD Master<->Slave Replication
Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Messaging
File Sharing Services: Time Machine Server, FTP & Xsan
Windows Servers
Active Directory: Multi-Forest Trust, RBAC, Split Horizon DNS, Certificate Servers, Schema Mods
Group Policies: WMI filtering, Software Deployment, Restrictions, Security Policies
HA Clustering: Server, NLB, CLB, Cluster Storage Pools, DFS, Storage Groups, Blob Storage
Group Policies: WMI filtering, Software Deployment, Restrictions, Security Policies
Terminal Services/RDS: VDI, RD Virtualization host, RDS Web, & RD Gateway
Remote Access: Direct Access, SSTP, L2TP, PPTP VPN, some experience with Branch Cache
Notable Clients & Projects
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